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June 18, 2021

I started learning R a couple months ago, because I spend a lot time on Twitter and was always amazed by all the great graphics made with this statistical programming language. First of all, I followed essentially some great sport Data Analysts like Owen Phillips who post great charts about NBA Players & Community Stats.

Some Owen’s Tweets

– Owen Pihllips(@owenlhjphillips)

And as things progress, I started following more and more people from R Community and particularly those who contribute to the Tidytuesday weekly Data Visualization Challenge.

As, my passion keeps growing, I started learning R typically with short tutorial like those amazing ones from Cédric Scherer or Thomas Mock but also with some bookdown particularly the bible for the beginners and the aspiring data scientists R for Data Science (Wickham and Grolemund 2017).

On May 5, 2020, I made my first contribution for the Tidytuesday Challenge. I wasn’t expecting a lot of likes but what happened was just magical.

The dataset was about Water Acces Points and come from WPDX. My analysis of the data wasn’t the adequate one and my lines plot was even less, but my intention was principally to give birth to a presentable plot with my beginner knowledge.

Abdoul Madjid(@issa_madjid)

I received a ton of compliments and advices for that mere lines plot, what acted like a boost for my little ego 😅. So from that initial post, I have decided, despite my professional life schedule:

So Here, We go.


A big thank to all the amazing contributors to the R community.


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